meesha shafi

Meesha Shafi is a powerhouse of talent and an incredibly accomplished individual. She is a model, an actress and a singer and she juggles all this along with motherhood effortlessly. What makes her more unique is her personal style. Not afraid to try new thigs, Meesha is almost always flawless and often quite exciting with her choices and experiments.

Her recent look in Muse Luxe for a show in India has created quite a stir amongst fashion lovers. She opted for a skirt and a crop top and wore the top the other way round. Yes, back on front and managed to pull it off and how!! The top is embellished with gold and silver thread work and hints of semi precious pearls. The embellished flying storks and peekaboo off shoulders further add to the beauty of this Muse Luxe creation.

Meesha paired her top with a pleated peplum skirt made with silver organza. The bright pink lips added further oomph to her look and was perfect for the white, gold and silver outfit.

Thank you Meesha and Muse Luxe for that crash course in Wow! Please collaborate again for more lessons on fashion!




Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.