Emmad Irfani is not only good looks and an abundance of charisma, he is also a man of substance and stance especially after his role in the drama serial Cheekh on ARY. He is the talk of the town and has swooned the entire nation with a few dialogues that have given every girl hopes to dream for a man who looks, talks and believes like Emmad Irfani (from Cheekh). But who is he in real?

Well, you’ll have to wait to find out once we meet this dapper dude, in the mean while, Emmad is a our style star of the week and here are some of his looks that have us going.

Ps. when we met Emmad Irfani for SiddySays TV

Emmad Irfani makes gym look so good. A comfortable pair of shoes to work out, a sassy P-cap to add swag to your work out clothes and a friend to click you every time you hit the 10KG round to beef yourself up! Phew!

A nicely tailored fit dinner jacket, slim fit pants, shades to add mystery to your look and shoes that talk, we can oggle at you from the table across yours #EmmadIrfani.

It all makes sense when a pretty and good looking boy can pull a desi look like a pro. The white latha with a black waist coat make this monotone look uber for semi formal events in summer.

Denim gives out the most chill vibes in summer and #EmmadIrfani looks every bit cool and casual in a denim button down shirt with a black crew neck shirt and blue cotton pants. Day made!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.