super foods for women in their 30s

Aging is inevitable and natural and there is no magic potion (reserve surgeries) to curb the effects of all those years you have spent living and growing in terms of your career, your family and even your waist line. But while some things (Read: stress, laziness, and smoking) can make it worse others can make it better. It’s just a matter of care and attention with super foods that you should be taking, because the better you are in tune with the needs of your body, the more knowledge you have, and the extent to which you live fully all contribute to your life when you enter your 30s.

If you are wondering where to start we would recommend amending your dietary habits first of all along with curbing bad habits like smoking. When it comes to diet some super foods are capable to hold back effects of aging better than others if you are someone in your 30s.

nuts are the super foods


Packed with heart-friendly nutrients like omega-3, unsaturated fats, fiber, and protein, 5 servings of nuts per week is a must to age healthily. Among these almonds are highly applauded for being richest in vitamin E. Eat these with skin as a considerable amount of goodness is present right there in the skin of these nuts.

chia and flax seeds are super foods


if you wish to get rid of spots and iron out fine lines on skin rely on none other than tiny flax seeds. Besides offering a payload of omega-3 these have a decent amount of protein and fiber as well as the same goes with Chia seeds, these also help to lower cholesterol. Keep a jar of ground flax seeds handy and add this to salads, desserts, yogurt, and oatmeal.

dark leafy greens are super foods


The right amount of dark leafy greens will add Vit K in your body, protect your bones and inflammation (which can take over the body over time) and are rich in antioxidants.

blueberries and cherries are super foods


All berries are full of goodness but the blue ones are most potent among these. Consuming a cup every day will protect you from cancers, heart disease, and has benefits regarding brain health as well. Whereas cherries are anti-inflammatory and help alleviate pain. Dark colored berries and cherries are great.

beans and hummus are super foods


Beans are good fiber and you need it to control your blood sugar and appetite. Eat them with whole grains and refined grains and feel the “good full”. Since we all love Hummus, might as well  make best friends with it, it’s made of chick peas and olive oil is good for you too. So, enjoy while you replenish your body with the right nutrients.

bone broth or yakhni is super foods for women in their 30s


It’ll make you feel younger, clear the gut, detoxify and what not. And if you’re at, add some of colorful veges in it. This is a legendary super food for all ages (tbh!)

citrus fruits are good


You need Vit C because as you grow older, collagen that helps to build up your skin degraded with time. So, tomatoes, oranges, lemons and kale are standouts for Vit C.

eggs, milk and cheese


You need the right amount of calcium and Vit D as you age with time. While some of us don’t even like to drink milk or eat eggs, you might want to rethink that decision of yours.

Besides these its a rule of thumb for a good life to consume more plant foods, stay hydrated, and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Also, if you’re worried about helping your baby gain “healthy” weight, here’s a list of power packed foods for your baby.

Carpe diem!