Team SiddySays was on ground to attend the Swarovski Sparkling Couture Exhibition in Dubai and might I add that it was a glittery affair – one can expect no less from an event by Swarovski.

A very exquisite evening commemorating the brand’s long-standing relationship with regional and international couture designers, it was attended by the crème of Dubai, including Andrew Mojica, Managing Director Middle East for Swarovski. 36 designers & 9 accesssories/jewellery brands, each presenting a unique piece exclusively created for this exhibition showed the diversity of the designers present which was an enjoyable experience

Such static exhibitions tend to become a bore after the first half an hour or so, but this was far from those drab halls with the standardized adornments. Stepping into the showcase area was like entering a fairytale, with the sparkles of the crystals partout. The chandeliers, with minute crystals dangling in steps were eye catching and, dare I say, hypnotic if one would stare into the depth long enough. Long yards of white fabric were draped around the corners of the hall, moving ever so slightly, with the occasional gusts of air. It created a magical ambiance with my favorite tunes playing, yet somehow pleasantly, through the halls adding life to the audience

Creations were along four main themes: Bridal, Ethnic, Evening, and Modest. From our own local talent, Faraz Manan, Fahad Hussayn, Elan, Tena Durrani, Maria B and Saira Shakira presented with their bespoke creations.

P.S: Fahad’s piece was surely my favorite with the edgy detail and the defined silhouette. A tunic to be worn as a dress or with cropped pants – either ways it just stuns!

Apart from observing our local designers, a prolonged stroll around the hall showed how distinguished every design was. It was a clear hit or miss situation – some spectacular pieces while others could be easily overlooked.

An avid follower of Georges Hobeika’s work over the years, I made it a point to make my way to his bridal gown which I would say was one of my top 3 of the night. The floral element added a girly femininity to the dress, although I must say I’d prefer it more with a straight silhouette, as opposed to the ball gown dress effect with the extra layers of fabric.

I made my way to another one of my old time favourites Bedoon Essm, a brand I was exposed to as a child through my mother, and had seen the delicacy and neatness of their Swarovski placements on abayas as well as sheilas (scarves). I simply couldn’t stop admiring the simplicity of their piece, yet the authoritative feel it had to it.

An inspiring evening which kept me on my feet at all times,(wish the seating arrangement was slightly better though) it was memorable and indeed a proud moment seeing our local couturiers exhibiting alongside other distinguished names from around South Asia and the Middle East.