Over the past few decades, as much as technology has improved and made things more convenient and easy for us, it has also become a distraction. We are now living in a society where it is, more often than not, tedious to on about our lives without sparing a glance towards our phones; we cannot imagine our lives without it. This has not only become detrimental to our mental health, but it has also brazenly invaded the time we spend with our families.

The digital age, though, has revolutionized socializing for us, but what is the point of connecting to the whole world while you are disconnecting to someone sitting right next to you. Lipton’s new ad is thought-provoking and provides the moment of realization for us to understand that there is nothing special and more important than the time you spend with your family.

Kids are the most fragile being, and neglecting them and prioritizing these digital devices over them would leave a profound impact on them. Amidst the haste of the world, Lipton’s new campaign made us ponder over the point to spend some time with our family; they are important and worthy than any of the world’s faux connections.

Lipton’s new campaign will urge you to improve your family life this year, with the resolution to disconnect from your devices, and connect with your loved ones more often on a more deeper level.

The standard Pakistani house-hold setup thrives on tea as the median of a conversation starter, and there is nothing more valuable than spending time with the one who matter the most over a good cup of tea.

This new year let’s resolve to take out time and reconnect with those who play an important role in our lives, and work on strengthening these precious relationships. Therefore, revitalize your priorities, take a break, have some tea and reconnect with your loved ones because Lipton believes Jaagay Un Ke Liye Jo Waqyi Ehm Hai!