We’re living in a world where “hope” can sometimes feel like a jaded cause, however there is always room for romance under the sun, a blanket of stars, during a walk on the beach or when you’re watching a movie. Romance is one of the essential elements to keep the spark alive between two people.

There are many factors that make us a romantic person, some are born romantics, and others become romantic over time when they meet the “right” person. According to astrology, there are some signs that truly know how to woo their partners because romance is more than just important for them. Have you ever wondered if you’re partner is a hopeless romantic?

Well, we turned towards astrology and here are the 5 most romantic zodiac signs.


These water babies are unique, emotional and very sensitive, and base their entire relationship on a familiar passion terrain, which is their forte. They know how to make someone feel unbelievably special and moments unforgettable by going the extra mile. It’s hard to avoid your Pisces lover because they have the ability and power to linger around a cold heart and turn it into mush with their love, oh, so sweet!


Love is like the ultimate constant for a Cancerian because they firmly believe in the act of sharing and caring. For them love is never lost, but to make someone feel special means to give them everything they have. They know how to keep their partner on their toes and inspire other to fall in love amongst their many other qualities.


Virgo’s are kind, caring and they’ll notice every single detail about you from your new hair cut to the new nail colour you wore the other day, which instantly makes the other person feel special when around them. Simply put, a phone call, a smile, a touch is everything that a Virgo calls romantic.


A Sagittarius is an overprotective lover who will do anything in their power to make their partner happy, from a 1 am run to Mc Donalds to a 6 pm pick up the mall. They never forget important dates, which will make their partner swoon. Romantic gestures and bent on never make their partners bored for one minute is romance for this zodiac.


A Leo is like an authentic romance guide and love to be surrounded by art, beauty and imagination. Romance just for the sake of it is a sign for Leo’s to retreat and they’d rather be without it if it’s not real as they are. Leo’s are like a cheesy rom-com and prefer long term relationships with a big heart and a lot of passion for love.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.