Being the pioneers in bringing local and international brands by pushing the retail industry to new heights Dolmen Mall continues to stand alone as a one-stop solution for the people of Karachi. And if you’re looking for a complete family outing experience apart from shopping, Dolmen Mall has a little something extra for everyone. So, give a rest to the local bazaars because the only mall steering the local ship into west shores is Dolmen Mall.

Dolmen Mall embraced the holy month of Ramzan with vigor. With festive decor, services such as Iftaar and Taraweeh were offered so the men could also become a part of  it, a local bazaar was set up inside the malls so women could shop for Eid-ul-Fitr, and for Chaand Raat, a special designated areas was assigned for girls for last minute Eid shopping, Mehndi and snacks!

SO WHAT NOW? Well, the celebrations have only begun because Dolmen Mall has the entire summer planned out for you in 2018 and your family. So mark your calendars because you need to look forward to these events.


From June 29 to July 1, Dolmen Mall is going all with the football mania. You will get the chance to purchase your favourite team’s merchandise, there will be amazing food deals, the entire mall is going to be decorated around the theme of football, and best, they’ll be screening the match amongst football fanatics. Ha!


Who doesn’t love mangoes? And if you’re just as crazy as us, you’ll want to crash the mall from July 6-8 and be a part of the mango fiesta. Mango drinks, mango desserts and mango-related dishes, you’ll have it all.


The kids will love this because they’ll get to do some last-minute shopping before the schools re-open and also get to have to have some as well and meet their favourite cartoon characters. The two-day mega event from July 27-29 will particularly focus on school-related activities, sports, mini bazaars for the kids to buy school supplies and thrilling performances by Sindbad.


Food, culture and tradition – every year Dolmen Mall steps into the patriotic zeal and spirit of Independence Day and celebrates like there is no tomorrow. With a a program that is especially designed to celebrate in glory and offers amazing sales by major retail brands, Dolmen Mall will bring the entire community together to rejoice from August 1-15.


The advent and festivities of Eid-ul-Azha will bring Karachi under one roof and revel in the celebration by Dolmen Mall with décor, spread the message of peace and celebration and Eid wishes.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast