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Lo and behold! Seems like the most exciting time of the year in the entertainment sector is upon us as the 18th Lux Style Awards (LSA) 2019 nominations are finally here! The Lux Style Awards is the largest award ceremony that takes place in Pakistan annually. It is being hosted since 2002 by Lux. The premier award show was created and masterminded by Naheed Chaudhry.

The 18th Lux Style Awards is all set to go. Nominees in a total of 24 categories have been announced recently and this year the talent pool is certainly richer than ever! The categories include fields of Fashion, Film, Music and Television. There is still time for the jury to decide, and public to vote for their favourite candidates, and may the best man win!

However, today we bring to you SiddySays favourites out of some of the most exciting categories. Fingers crossed!


Nominees are:

  1. Cake
  2. Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2
  3. Load Wedding
  4. Motorcycle Girl
  5. Teefa in Trouble

SiddySays Winner: Cake

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