In the journey of life, we endure numerous struggles. Many are obvious and loud and some are those we are fighting secretively within our own bodies. Depression is one such battle where you fight to reclaim yourself. We want you all to know that you do not need to fight alone against depression. There is help out there and you should consider every way of it for the sake of your own self.

Today we are telling you about yoga and how it can help you fight off depression. This ancient practice has proven effectiveness against various mental and physical ailments.


A pose of prime comfort for the body and brain. It calms your nerves and alleviates stress.

Sit on your heels with your big toes touching each other. Bend forward with your chest touching thighs and arms spread forward on both sides of the head. Keep your palms facing the floor. Hold for a few minutes.


This pose has great powers to abolish disconcerting feelings associated with depression. It makes you feel liberated by opening up your heart. This pose also has propitious physical effects in that it strengthens back and is a source of the easement.

Lie on your back with hands on either side. Bend your legs at knees and gently lift your back off the floor.  Keep your thighs parallel and chest touching your chin. Hold for a few seconds.


Besides eliminating stress and depression this pose has substantial physical effects as well. It enables your body to release tension trapped in the back. It is great for cleansing mild depression off and also adds to upper body strength.

Lie down facing the floor and lift yourself using your arms and toes a few inches off the floor. Your hands should be close to your ribs. Hold for a few minutes.


This is a great pose for calming your agitated nerves. It relaxes the neck and cervical spine while inducing a rush of fresh blood. Invigorating your energies this pose paves the path of de-stressing you. It helps strengthen abdominal muscles and improves digestion.

Kneel down on your hands forming a table posture. Now bring your head down and elevate hip portion. Keep your hand’s shoulder width apart. This will bring you into an inverted V-shape position. Hold for a few minutes.

Add these simple poses to your routine and you will definitely feel better.