The more colour the better, and it’s Spring time so considering our eternal love for everything radiant and bright, and technicolour and vibrant, we figured that we all need to draw some major inspiration from the most colourful Instagram accounts, and put aside the cool winter blues.

Whilst none of these Instagram accounts are local, but the ones we’ve chosen for you diverse because they toy around with fashion to food, you have gorgeous flatlays – just the vibe of these Instagram accounts is fun, creative and, SMART CONTENT! And this just fits the Instagram algorithm just right.

/wrightkitchen/ her feed is so very pretty and makes food look so very good. There’s a happy feel as you scroll down and want it to go on forever.

/cakeandconfetti/ coming from a party planner to a content creator, this account will give you a glimpse into the life of this cool mom and her colorful life as she takes on everything with so much positivity.

/brightbazaar/ his feed is neat, clean, on point and so random that you want to hit the Follow button to see what this guy is going to post next. There is every possible colour on his feed that tells a story on its own.

/abeautifulmess/run by two sisters working together to make it big and they know how. They’re feed is every lifestyle bloggers visual dream and with their commitment towards optimism, their gram is just the inspo  you need this Spring.

/alishylishy/ a colourful feed depicts the ideas, visions and individuality of that said person and this gram is also a life that is displayed in colours.

Just so you know, there are many Instagram accounts that we can give you links to, however most of these grams are ideations that have been achieved through proper planning and commitment. So if you want to take your blog work seriously and want to give your Instagram account a facelift, say no more.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.