In today’s day and age, if you’re a full-time stay-at-home mom,  it’s super important to have your own identity outside of your relationship, especially if you’re settled continents away from home. And thanks to social media, because you’re a few clicks away from finding some major inspiration from strong Pakistani women who make all of us women look our best.

So we’ve rounded a list of 5 expat mommy-lifestyle bloggers who will make you realise the importance of having your own identity other than just being a mom with their real talk on parenting, fashion, empowerment, and everything that should be said and done when you’ve made a home away from home.


Mahvish Ahmad is not just a mommy blogger, but she talks everything that should be said, and therefore ensures her voice is heard on social media all the way from Netherlands. From raising 2 daughters to raving about her husband to her comfortable fashion choices to issues like Aurat March, Mahvish’s blog is is the most real thing in a fake world, and so full of light!


Anum is a Mom and Lifestyle blogger in Toronto, Canada who took a break from the Corporate circle and find her own identity. She shares her personal experiences as an expat mom whilst giving some sane advice and creating content around her interests, which is not only just inspiring, but reads valuable also.


Midhat is an example of a very brave woman who is wading through social media with her positive vibes and resilience to find strength in her struggle as a mother who’s helping her daughters strive in spite of everything. She shares pearls of wisdom from her own experiences and makes funny TikTok videso also as she becomes her own person.


Hina knows “how to save a life” – get the reference? Her passion for medicine has taken her beyond borders, and is a pro at discussing and giving solutions to women’s health issues, sheds light on how shes she’s raising 2 kids in the USA with her husband in this digital age, whilst renovating her new home. Everything that Hina blogs about from life, to finances, to relationships is very relevant.


The sound of Tamania’s love for Urdu Literature resonates all the way from Calgary, Canada to Pakistan along with her effortless participation within the community that she’s made, to her fun cooking skills, and 2 smart children who are emanate the Pakistani culture in cute videos is inspiring to watch.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.