If you are married for years and it feels no more like it did in those early whirlwind romantic days, you are not alone. Every couple may witness a descend in passionate love over time. It is a fact that as time passes compassionate love takes over and it is what actually sustains a relationship. However, bringing that spark back is not impossible. All you need is the intention, attention, and few practical tips to bring back some fun into your relationship.

These 5 tips will bring back the spark in your marriage, ONLY, if you follow!

Connect Every Single Day

You might have called your partner several times in a day but that does not fulfill the need to actually connect with each other. You should set aside at least ten minutes in a day where you both sit down and talk. Make a conscious effort to sustain this routine and you will feel the change this little time investment can bring for your connection.

Act Like You’re Being Observed

How would you behave if you were being watched by a camera? Kind, smiling, and undoubtedly the best version of you? Now, every time you interact with your partner feel like you are being watched. Smile frequently at them, be kind, and look your best. You don’t need to have a hairstyle done or heavy makeup every day but making an effort to look pleasant and attractive can do wonders.

Be Intimate

Physical touch and showing affection are essential for sustaining a marriage. Experts suggest increasing the time of holding hands, kissing, and staying close to each other as your relation ages. It is important to avoid routine matters, everyday stress, issues and everything else away from your intimacy time. Stress and distraction have the ability to plummet sexual desires.

Create a Balance of New and Old

By this, we mean you revise what made you fall in love in the first place. Remembering this little details will reignite the spark in your relationship. Trying new things together like adventures or new hobbies is also a great way to enhance attachment and bring passion back into a relationship.

Ditch Routine and Surprise Your Spouse

We all are prone to fall into certain patterns of routine life. But to revive that long-forgotten spark you have to plan to break free of routine and surprise your spouse with something unexpected. It can be as simple as a flower or their favorite ice cream. But this is a great way to set the stage for some great time together. Just don’t let monotony affect your married life.

You see revitalizing your relation is not impossible but it does take some conscious effort and dedication.