Like all else on the planet parenting too evolves and desi parents are always up and running with a new technique that someone else is experimenting with their child when it comes to discipline and tackling tantrums.

Remember that, although you might be using or may have used any of the outdated methods in the past this does not makes you the worst parent ever. Neither do we plan to make you feel guilty. But there always is room for improvement. As parents we all strive to garner pre-eminent choices for our kids so why not upgrade ourselves to the best of the knowledge and discipline methods too.

Below is an account of discipline methods that are not very helpful in a child’s personal and cognitive development. Alternating these with better approaches will not only discipline your child better but will also have a positive effect on their personality.


Sorry, but being parents ourselves, we don’t think that time-out has any impact on any child’s discipline, and yet we continue to use it. Instead of punishing them by giving them a time-out for being naughty, just use this opportunity to make him/her do something right by guiding.


Physical punishments are never acceptable and are always discouraged, but we still end up slapping or spanking our child one or many times and a lot of parents admit to this folly. But what we don’t realise is that by hitting our child we are conveying the message that it’s a-okay to resolve problems with aggression.

You are showing them that its fine to hit someone if you do not get obeyed. Imagine how that impacts their tiny brains.


Limiting their access to TV or toys as a punishment is another widely used discipline technique. Many experts advocate this but at the end of the day, this is us just manipulating our kids. Showing our power and intimidating them, so you’re just making a child feel helpless, and that will not help them learn any discipline.


It’s okay to praise and reward your child for doing good but do not make it a rule. Your child should understand that the following rules do not always come with perks.

And if you continue doing so you are turning them into an attention seeker who is always going to try to be the best person in the room for the sake of attention and reward. He/she is not your pet.


Showing your kid that his sibling is better than him or a cousin has got better grades will never motivate them. The same is the case with shaming. Labeling a kid as a coward or a miser will not elevate his sense of self. Use alternative methods and focus on the unique talents that every kid has. Your kid is not a part of any race.


If a child does not likes to do a certain chore do not make his punishments about doing that. Also do not threaten them with a consequence that involves doing that specific thing. Similarly do not manipulate a child’s fears and phobias for disciplining them.

Parenting is all about building a strong emotional connection with your child. Your sole responsibility s protecting them and guiding them. Enjoy this ride with your child and do not make it a competition. Teach our children skills like problem-solving and regulating their emotions. They will benefit from these throughout their lives and will always cherish their loving bond with you.