You’ve tried every possible remedy, mostly chemicals to get rid of that uh-so-bad body odor, but it keeps coming back like that clingy ex of yours. Everything just fails. Just so you know, these on-the- counter products are merely short-term solutions and they’re only adding fuel to the fire.

SO, why don’t you try opting a more healthier and organic treatment to deal with that body odor, and the best part is that, we’re going to give you a push.

Here are 4 desi remedies, tips, or tricks that will be your saving grace.


Phatkari also is known as Alum stone is easily available and works wonders for body odor. You can dissolve this in water and take a bath with it (if you have a tub) or simply rub-dry alum stone on areas where you tend to sweat excessively after a bath. And VOILA!


Make a paste of baking soda and lemon because it will help you with bad body odor. Apply this to areas that stink and let it dry for 5-10 minutes. Avoid to scrub afterward and just take a bath and repeat this thrice a week.


The use of tomatoes for body odor is promising since tomatoes have antiseptic properties and help by killing odor-causing bacteria. ALSO, try drinking tomato juice for a week and you may see positive results (and hope you get used to the taste. Recipe?)


Cut a lemon and rub it to sweat-prone areas on your body. Its acidic nature will decrease the PH of the body and make it tough for bacteria to survive.

PS. Remember very good hygiene, wearing breathable fabrics, staying hydrated, and avoiding foods that may aggravate body odor issues is a prerequisite with anything you may use to dampen this issue.