It’s the fourth week in lock down, and honestly, I’m still going strong, just like I was in the start. For me, like most of you, it has been a tough time emotionally without being able to see my parents who are very old, and even though I have no social interaction with anyone, I have still avoided meeting them for the fear of taking the virus to them.

So, we’re all home and truth be told, we were happy during the first week of the lock down, chilling with Netflix. However, now that the reality has crept in, thinking this situation could be for the long haul, a lot people that we know have grown impatient.

I still haven’t, though. In spite of not being to have met any of my friends, family, ordered in, gone out to socialize or felt agitated only because of some very important rules that I’ve set for myself from day 1. And I can say that it is my rules that have kept me sane during this trying time.


  1. Keeping a routine: from pre- lock down days to now, my clock has been the same. I sleep and wake up at the same times I did when life was the old normal. This has helped my mind and body stay in sync and not go into a frenzy.
  2. Doing the same things: since I had my routine of working out at the gym 3 days a week, I have neither increased, nor decreased the days, time or force of the workout. This has kept my clock in check, telling my mind I am as active and healthy as before.
  3. Adding small things: Since going out has stopped, and activity at home needed to be increased. After analyzing the hours of the day when I would step out of the house, I filled those timings specifically with activities. For e.g I have added meditation before I go to bed in my routine (fixing the craving to go out when kids sleep). Also, cleaning has become more of a lifestyle which has filled the gap of going out for breakfasts (same timings). I go for an evening walk alone around the block (with mask and sanitizer), alternating it with the evening hangouts or events.
  4. Listening to podcasts: Another way of feeling there are other people around and you are having an active healthy discussion around you is by listening to podcasts. You can see our list of recommendations here (add link).
  5. Not eating out of boredom: Yes, eating has increased, but I haven’t messed up mu time of eating a meal. The calories are slightly on the upward trajectory, but I am not eating out of boredom because I am making sure I am not bored, leading to no weight gain and no dissatisfaction with my body.
  6. Getting ready for the day: working out first part of the day takes care of timely shower and changing clothes. Although the wardrobe choice is mostly active wear, still I feel it’s a new day and I can start from the start.
  7. It’s my life: reminding myself that wasting a day is too much of a loss, since life as we are learning now, is precious and must be cherished.

Remember, self care and motivation and crucial in this time. You will feel low, and it is ok. You will feel lazy and that is fine too. There will be anxiety and depression, so make sure you are talking to someone professional about it. Coach your mind and tell yourself, if this is what it is going to be like, I will make sure I am on top of this the best that I can be.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.