Ever felt miserable after taking that first sip of your favourite Vanilla Milk Shake because it was too cold? That’s right, tooth sensitivity can be quiet bothersome and even though your Dentist may have recommended you mouthwashes, tooth pastes and asked you to change your tooth brush every 3 months, and on the other hand, you were also experimenting with your amma’s totkas, let me tell you that there is no fix, except for one –Sensodyne (up until I learned about it, thanks to my friends on social media).

For the past few months, I had be hearing about this brand awareness campaign being conducted by Sensodyne all across Pakistan. They had set up kiosks/booths at all major shopping malls in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faislabad and Multan to spread awareness about tooth sensitivity.

So, the idea basically was to give a “Chill Test” to their visiting customers, which was to essentially bite into an ice lolly to see how sensitive your teeth are. The representatives would then comprehensively explain the benefits of Sensodyne and how it can help you tackle tooth sensitivity and maintain oral hygiene by handing out free samples to try at home before adopting a new product in your lifestyle with brochures to further explain how Sensodyne is effective.

I wondered what this activity achieved thus far and to my surprise the results were truly exciting.

First of all, major celebrities like Minal Khan and Vlogger, Irfan Junejo have endorsed Sensodyne and actively took part in the activity to spread the word, other than that, the brand Sensodyne roped in all the bloggers and influencers from KLIFM to come and take the “Chill Test” and play their part on social media. The activity has been quiet a success story because each one of us (individually) have shown how they have replaced their regular toothpastes with Sensodyne because promises to relieve you of tooth sensitivity, takes care of your gums and over all oral health.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.