For some reason, people work out with a greater vigor in the summer months. Now I know that the winter months call for more layering, so you don’t have the motivation to get fit. But remember; fitness is a lifestyle! Working out and eating healthy should never be a seasonal thing! Let’s look at what the ideal end of summer workout routine should look like.



Sticking to just one kind of fitness regime is never good for the body. Simply doing cardio and expecting results would be foolish. Similarly, simply sticking by weight training and expecting to shed would also be a frustrating experience. So, let’s break it down to easy math:

  • Cardio workout: twice a week
  • Bodyweight strength and conditioning training: twice a week
  • Weight training: at least once a week
  • Flexibility, yoga or recovery: at least once a week

If you’re incorporating all of the above in your week, there is no reason for the end of season blues to mess up with your fitness!



Throughout your week, make sure you divide your days between upper body, lower body and core workout. If you feel like you don’t have the time and want to take a more holistic approach, try to pick a workout plan that hits all major muscle groups of the body. Here is one of my favorite workout plans to follow that requires no equipment and is something I can do in my living room!

Most importantly: keep moving! Staying active as the weather changes will keep you healthy from the inside out!