Sometimes a mascara isn’t enough when you’re hitting the night out or getting ready for a big party, so you turn towards false eyelashes. Falsies can give you the much needed confidence and make you look beautiful, and we have a few amazing brands that who offer long lasting and super affordable mink lashes. Thanks to all those beauty bloggers and Youtubers for introducing us to so many local eyelash brands as they ace their lash game.

So, don’t worry if you’re wondering how you will ever decide which brand to buy because SiddySays has picked their favourite eyelash brands.


Pakistan’s top eyelash brand that offers premium quality lashes and offers a complete guide on how to wear, remove and care for your lashes. From Classic and 3D Luxe lashes, each lash is designed to imitate the shape of your eye and give you the effect that you’re looking for from dramatic to au natural. And that’s not all, Zhoosh also give you a variety of tools such as the Lash Wand and Lash Glue. But what’s the catch? Zhoosh Eyelashes are re-usable and can be worn up to 25 times. No kidding. For more visit Zhoosh Me Up

Zhoosh Eyelashes


Lashes by Layesha are made of mink hair and can be reused upto 15-20 times, which by the way can also be more if you take care of the lashes like a good girl. Lashes by Layesha are extremely lightweight and give your eyes that beautiful and natural curl, so you wont regret your purchase. So click here to get your Lashes by Layesha

Layesha Eyelashes


We swear by their lashes and have worn them probably for the nth time. Just like Conatural promises, their lashes are also reusable, give your eyes the much needed twist to draw your eyes in. So your if a shy bean, let your eyes do the talking for you. And if you want to create an impact or go high in volume, pick Conatural Eyelashes as they will ace your eye game at a convenient price right here Conatural

Conatural Eyelashes


Luxury mink lashes at their best. We’ve tried Maleficent and they are soft and light. We cannot reiterate enough that, it all depends on how well you care for your lashes, these can be worn upto 15 times. The Lash Bar is Karachi based but they deliver wherever you are. So give this amazing brand a shot by checking out The Lash Bar Karachi

The Lash Bar Eyelashes

Written by Faryal Syed
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