pakistani celebrities

Whether its real or reel life, true love knows no bounds, and it stands true even for celebrities. We’ve seen our favourite celebrity couples support each other behind the camera and in front of the world, professing their love silently or underneath the Eiffel Tower. And no matter how far we’ve stepped into the digital age, a little ripple in the heart can have a deep impact on our minds.So, here are a few of our favourite Pakistani celebrities who give us #relationshipgoals


Urwa and Farhan just hit the 2 year mark as a married couple and it’s absolutely wonderful to see these two together shine like the sun and the moon. Even though real life can be tough for any couple, but the love these two pour on each other goes to show that the deal is real.


The #justgotmarried couple is back after a European honeymoon and we love seeing these two together. Just the sheer joy of a two people in love and ending up together in front of the world after spending a long time together is the kind of vow that we all dream off!


This duo is swanky and we love seeing them together at promotions and events, and family functions with their bundle of happy power! Syra and Shahroz emanate the subtlness of love going strong!


Sadaf and Fawad are amongst the most revered couples who stick to each others side. These two are truly a dapper duo and are aging like fine wine and reminding us that there is nothing beyond family and love!


The eternal Reema and her husband may have an age difference that got the entire media talking but when you see these two, you see wisdom beyond years and a calming aura. We just love how Mr. Tariq accompanies his gorgeous wife everywhere and is always holding her hand! #aww

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.