“The dawn of beauty always comes after night” – Sorin Cerin

Amir Adnan’s Spring 2018 Collection is like the light from another world, a rendering of colours that work as an inspiration in the night and breaks into a revelation of whites, blacks, browns and dark purples in his collection called, Dawn.

It is through travel, exploration and rediscovering your roots that one is able to find their true identity as a person and their aspiration towards fashion. The idea has been represented in the form of two people, Zahid and Sabrina, who embark on a journey in the video “When in Karachi” closer to home to experience the essence of life with an open mind and also show Pakistan in a positive light. Thus, it is on their journey that these two realise the beauty that they had not been paying attention to all this time.

In Amir Adnan’s Spring Collection – Dawn, we will see exquisite suits with subtle embroidery that will be synonymous to grace and perfection, because a lot of the embroidered patterns have surfaced from our magnanimous history. Moreover, we will also see the trend of “layering” on a high-note with breathable, non-wrinkling and unstructured thin fabric to boost the style this year, along with modern cuts and curves that will put the Pakistani man and woman to ease on their travels.

The collection Dawn pays homage to the millennial generation through Zahid and Sabrina’s avid lifestyle and reiterates that fashion is innate and can be rediscovered through travel and amidst the colours between the vertical light and darkened sky.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.