Triumph Inner Beauty

Karachi is a metropolitan city known for its hustle, bustle and diversity that breeds from within. While on one hand there is billboard overlooking the streets with a shirtless male-model, flexing his abs and having a go the beach in his slim-fit denim; on the other there is a billboard showing a headless mannequin dapped in the latest lawn-print, reflecting an epitome of modesty. Then there are also those billboards that are regularly inked by extremist vandalizers or torn apart, and sprayed with political slogans, – the list is really endless.

Triumph, a brand that promises to bring forth imported lingerie and intimate apparel for women – has also fallen into this riff of marketing. The products by Triumph serve as wardrobe perennial for women of all shapes and sizes, all across the globe and yet, overtime they have faced severe antagonism and controversy every time they opted for a medium to advertize their products. Bras and undergarments for women are also topics that are swept under the rug and talked about in hushed tones.

But in an attempt to reach out to the masses, Triumph thought of conducting a private show for selected media members and editors to showcase their latest product range, followed by a lunch at Noodle House. Triumph show that took place on 12th May ’15, presented a unique combination of fashion and function undergarments for women of sizes 30-36, cups A-H, and was pleasingly liberating. It was interesting to note that they stock bras ranging from T-shirt to strapless, sports and nursing wear; fit for all occasions and available in all styles, be it wired, non-wired, padded, non-padded and seamless.

Triumph Karachi

Triumph, being a brand backed by 129 years of expertise in lingerie also highlighted their new innovative products such as

i) Body-Makeup: pieces that perfectly blend with body-shape and skin tone, offering extreme invisibly.

ii) Cool & Shape Sensation: corsets and body-fitters made up of airy fabric for higher ventilation, extreme comfort and impeccable body-structure boost.

iii) Adjustable/Invisible straps:  adjustable pieces give full liberty to change straps with ease be it, cross back or halter-neck. Invisible straps give a special edge and oomph to that perfect evening dress.

Adding to its credibility, overtime Triumph also opted to spread its wings and cater to women from all spheres of life. While their new collection features bras for trainees, athletes, and young, nurturing mothers who may seek comfort in double layering sides, broad straps and easy open to drop cups for to aid breast-feed; it was heartening to know they have also joint hands with treatment centers now to provide bras for Breast-cancer patients and those who undergo mastectomy.


It is best to say that in the time to come, Triumph may continue to face hindrances while advertizing their brand openly through various mediums, they still remain at the top of their game where product quality and sales are concerned. Their locally assembled undergarment brand, IFG which operates hand in hand with the imported Triumph products are available at the flagship store at Dolmen, Clifton as well as through 140 plus retailers across 10 cities. In all honesty, their new collection is worth the investment to achieve that heightened beauty-look from within.

Written by Naveen Qazi
Fashion & Lifestyle writer.