True, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep, but how do we know which mattress will beat back pain? The standard mindset is that we purchase a mattress according to the size of our bed, but what we fail to realize are the long repercussions that mattress can bring if it doesn’t fit our natural sleeping posture.

I had read a survey which stated that most Pakistani’s suffer from chronic lower back pain which negatively impacts their day-to-day routine. I forgot about the article later, till one fine morning I rose from my bed with a severe back pain. Thinking a hot shower would ease me of my discomfort was absolutely of no use. So I did what I’ve seen my parents had always done, I lay down on the hard floor with my back straight, and voila! The pain was no more. So I knew it then, it was my mattress that was the problem, and so I decided to replace it.

Master Celeste took out a series of different types of mattresses: Ultimate, Eterna, Classic and Bravo that have a wide variety of sleeping mattress integrated with the latest technology, and designed to cater various physical problems so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated. These seven types of mattress are an amalgamation of luxury and comfort. Furthermore, each mattress has a unique design and smart look that offers sustainable quality and usefulness that should be in a good mattress.

The seven types of mattresses cater to different physical problems and ensure a long term support system, therefore each type varies in price as well. Memory Luxe deals with back aches because it has pocket springs on one side and the other side has an Ortho surface, so it doubles the comfort. And if you like sleeping on one side for a longer time and have limited movement, Memory is the perfect mattress for you and will diminish body aches, soreness or any other pain. I end up with lower back pain a lot so, the Bravo Standard mattress from the Bravo Series aims to fix pain in the lumbar by giving solid support to your back as you lie down. Similarly, Bravo Plus is perhaps the most economical mattress and gives you uncompromising sleep by helping you get a right posture for your spine.

If you’re reading then, then you’re one of those who’s been suffering from back ache, so we’d suggest that you try out of one these mattress because a good mattress is a life-long investment. As for the other mattress, Eterna Firm, Eterna Soft and Classique are perfect for a wholesome sleeping experience, prime and soft/plush fabric.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.