We’re all guilty for committing fashion disasters and these fashion faux pas aren’t because you couldn’t pull off the print-on-print trend or the everything-denim, we make fashion mistakes with very little things and if we pay more attention on what is good for us rather than what would look good to others, then we can totally avoid pulling a LOL on us.

So, let’s look at some of the very common fashion faux pas that we make, and how they can be fixed.

Sweaty Arm Pits

They are the worse, especially now with the changing season you don’t want to embarrass yourself in a crowd especially when it starts rolling down your body and soaks right into your shirt or top. So you take the situation under control before it puts you in the spot. If you’re wearing a cotton shirt, wear an undershirt that’s made out of a breathable fabric and a good antiperspirant.

Shoes That Fit

It’s simple science. If the shoes don’t fit, don’t wear them. Because if you’re going to stuff them with shoe pads or cotton, the joke would still be on you, my friend.

Accessorizing Too Much

You don’t want to kill the vibe of your outfit y over accessorizing it. Opt for a clean, simple and sophisticated look. Even though sometimes less is more, but some times that is also not the case. Ditch the earrings if you’re wearing a bold statement necklace, or minus the rings with a heavy bracelet.

Don’t LABEL Yourself

People who show off brand names and logos are tagged as #brandsnobs, so don’t become one. I’d love it if someone came and ask me what or who I’m wearing. An air of mystery is the way to go!

Be Original

That is the biggest sin perhaps, to copy and/or try to look like someone else. You are who you are, so play the “I’m original” card. Look for your signature style because you might not be the print-on-print person like your friend.

Dirty Clothes

Please, this one’s like a no brainer. Clothes with food stains like ketchup or oil, one’s that you’ve worn two days in a row and suddenly decided to wear it on the third day also, or one you took out of the closet after a week, need to be washed and air dried.


You’re trying TOO HARD if you’re wearing sunglasses inside the room or at night, looks awfully weird.

Dress Your Body Type

Yes, wear clothes that are your size. Wear clothes that flatter your body, because if you’ve got some extra weight around you, don’t wear tight clothes. You won’t only feel uncomfortable, but it also looks cringing.

Full Track Suits Don’t Look Cool

To see so many people wear full-on track suits at social events and situations is so not acceptable. It’s always nice to dress according to the event.

Dressing Up Like Teenagers

It’s great to feel young, but there’s a difference in feeling and looking your age especially when you’ve not been in your teens for a decade now. I’ve seen so many people trying to hard and its not a great impression on all those who are looking at you.


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.