Truth be told, as much as we’re excited to shift to a whole new decade, saying farewell is to the current decade is also bit over whelming. However, we’re looking forward to welcome 2020 with open arms. As per the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, 2020 is the year of rat, implying that it’s a year of new beginnings and renewals, and has been predicted to bring strength, abundance, and good luck for all signs.

What will the new year hold for us all in terms of love, health, our careers, are you going to travel?

We’re just as curious as you are, so here’s your personalised horoscope for 2020.


  • Horoscope foretells that for Aries 2020 is all about balance. Major changes that will prevail will be all brought forth by yourself.
  • On the love front expect stability. Your relationships will thrive better if you think before acting. Be less impulsive.
  • In career, Aries people will be seen gradually climbing the ladder of success provided they put in all the needed efforts.
  • 2020 will be a year of great mental and physical energy. Getting into an exercise routine will be easier meaning elevated health levels.


  • To recover from abrupt changes you had last year Taurus may need to pace themselves carefully.
  • Staying focused will bring you stability in your love life as well. You will find harmony in your relations and carrying a positive attitude will help you in the long run.
  • Career-wise Taurus will have a booked year especially for those who own a business. At work too, employing your creativity will bring you a bounty.
  • Sticking to a healthy diet and exercise will help you better manage health-related challenges.


  • For Gemini 2020 is a fresh new start. Stick to what you love and see the magical transformations on various fronts.
  • With love and compassion, you can spice up any mundane relation. You can find solace in relations that matter to you most.
  • Gemini will be seen working hard at a fast pace through 2020 and this will bring them well deserved appreciation.
  • You have to work hard to stay in shape or lose those extra pounds. Mental health issues might be pressing so taking mind breaks and exercising your mind in healthy ways will be helpful.


  • For this particular zodiac sign, 2020 is the year of learning and inspiration.
  • Single Cancerians are likely to meet the love of their life finally and committed ones will feel more romantic.
  • You might face challenges and competition at the workplace this year. Rising to these will only bring good to you.
  • Astrology predicts varying energy levels for Cancerians throughout this year. Major diseases that can strike you will be due to inactivity.


  • 2020 is all about achievements and personal advancements for Leo. With hard work, you can achieve anything you set your gaze on.
  • Career-wise this year has changes in store for Leos.
  •  You may face conflict and drama in your love life and relations.
  • Commitments will be tough for Leo this year. Avoid getting into new relationships it will only bring difficulty.
  • Sleeplessness and dietary issues are likely for Leo this year. On the positive end, they will enjoy new exercise routines and trying out new diet plans.


  • The new year will be like 2019 at most. This means you will have to make an effort to improve your personal life even if other aspects remain stagnant.
  • If you are having a great love life make efforts to keep it up and if it is otherwise, improves your communication or maybe its time for a change.
  • Using your crisp vision and focus you can easily get noticed at the workplace this year too.
  • You will have great energy this year and working out will seem fun. However, do not go beyond your limits all of the time.


  • 2020 is forecasted to be easy on Libra. Less unwanted responsibilities and more space for doing your stuff. You can focus on yourself and the things you enjoy.
  • Relationship turmoil from last year will fade away. You will find harmony in your relations this year.
  • You will feel inclined to work on your job and hobbies. This will be a busy and happy year altogether.
  • Libra is well known for not liking exercise. Break this stereotype this year and get back in shape. You will have great energy in the initial few months of 2020.


  • The new year brings a sense of freedom for scorpions.
  • You will enjoy great love life and expect romantic dates dotted throughout the year. Single people may also find opportunities for happiness in their life.
  • At work, this might not be a very productive year but weight pros con well before changing a job.
  • If you invest the first few months to balance your diet you can remain healthy throughout the year.


  • For the practical and ambitious Sagittarius, 2020 is a huge opportunity for self-improvement.
  • Sanitarians will be seen committing to long-term relations and having children.
  • You will have return clients, well-defined goals shaping the year successful at work.
  • Sickness will stay away from you provided you keep improving your diet and exercise regime.


  • Astrology forecasts tell us that for Capricorns this is a lucky year. They will be achieving goals and setting new standards for themselves in personal and professional life.
  • The love life for Capricorns in 2020 will be fulfilling and there are good chances the single ones will find their soul mates possibly among friends.
  • Building good working relationships with clients and in the workplace is crucial for your success this year.
  • You can ward off ailments by being a little proactive. Schedule your appointments with your doctor and dentist way ahead and do not miss on these.


  • Aquarians 2020 is the year of paying attention to yourself and surrounding. You can have a great year if you stick to self-care.
  • In relations Aquarians will have a good year overall and their spontaneous nature will spice up their love life.
  • Acting professionally and believing in team wor will take you places this year.
  • This is also the year to resolve the pressing health issues sabotaging your life. Attending to your physical needs you can achieve the healthiest you this year.


  • 2020 brings action and adventure for Pisces. You will be your most confident and independent self than ever.
  • You will be meeting wonderful people, your social life will flourish and your love life is about to get sweeter.
  • Use your natural talents and skills to best for standing out from the crowd. Consider a job change if your current job has not enough room for creativity and showing your skills.
  • Staying consistent in your exercise and self-care will reward in the form of good health.