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The shaadi season is upon us and what we’re thrilled about the most is the dance practices. Uncoordinated dance moves on weddings is a thing of the past now because nowadays it’s all about choreography and whoever’s got the best moves leads the entourage. So, we’re way into 2018 now and have had 3 wedding songs released from 3 upcoming movies. Have you heard these songs? Because we just picked our favourite wedding song of the year!

Munday Lahore De, Load Wedding

With Munday LAhore De we already have the most happening and foot-tapping bhangra song out that will let you take the lead on your phophi’s, tai’s, mami’s or chachi’s beta/beti’s mehndi this shaadi season. Mehwish and Fahad subtly explode into bhangra style and capture the essence of the choreography, so hats off to these two for being so perfectly in tune with their dance moves and for exuding great chemistry between a romantic hero and Punjabi kuri. With the indigenous tradition of truck art and bright colours at Punjabi weddings, Munday Lahore De is nothing less of a feel-good type pichkari that we want to continue playing with.

Naacha Re, Parvaaz Hai Junoon

Even though it was labeled as the “wedding song of the year” Naacha Re failed to make an impact and we probably won’t be thrilled to perform on it much like the film stars in the song. The vocals are great, but Hamza Ali with his brooding usual charm looks amiss, Hania is forced to be a part of the song (when your mummy forces you to shake a leg on the dance floor when all your big cousins are performing), whereas Shaaz Khan and Kubra Khan look elated for their wedding, but a little out of place nonetheless. So, in short, Naacha Re could have been a great song, had the actors knew how to translate the song and it’s beats.

Aya Lariye, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2

Aya Lariye fom JPNA2 may have tried to recreate Meesha Shafi’s powerful rendition for this year’s wedding season, and another song for Fahad Mustafa who tries to live up to with his over-zealous dance moves. But what was he trying to distract us from? Mawra Hocane! We see Mawra literally hopping all over the place with her amateur moves and one wonders, why? Over all, the song looks like just another run-of-the-mill with poor choreography and an old melody that we’ve been hearing for years now!


Munday Lahore De from Load Wedding for obvious reasons and it’s already on our playlist!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast