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Choosing from a list of weight loss diets can be super confusing because you just don’t know which “right” diet is actually “wrong” for you. Instead of starving yourself and feeling weak, looking for a quick fix, it’s wise to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes controlling your portions, eating right by eliminating sugar and carbs whilst incorporating a workout routine to kick start your metabolism.

So what are these weight loss diets? Are they even effective? How do I choose the right diet for my body?

These are some of the questions I often ask myself. So, I made a list of the the weight loss diets that have personally worked for me and the people around me. And here are my 2 cents.

weight loss diets effective


We know how smart the GM diet has proven to be. Because in spite of being a very strict diet, it provides your body with all the nutrients, which is why a lot of people are comfortable doing it, including us. You get to eat fruits, vegetables, you’re hydrated, hence you feel energetic and pumped up.

The GM diet will work for people who are weight and you are for sure to lose 10-15 pounds. However I personally feel that the GM diet is not sustainable in the long run. I felt very weak after 1 week.


The 8-hour fasting/Intermittent Diet has to be the most popular one because this diet allows you to eat within a certain time span. For eg. you can eat from 9 am – 5 pm or from 12 pm – 8 pm, allowing your body to consume healthy foods, kicking your metabolism. It’s like  you eat all day within those 8 hours and then you don’t eat at all.

Why this diet has been so successful is because I have personally seen people loose up to 25 pounds in just 3 weeks. You have to do a light cardio to burn the calories you eat, drink water to stay hydrated. It’s long term, detoxifies the body and is easy to do.


The 1200 calorie diet has been designed to help you eliminate an unhealthy lifestyle and is promising because it allows you to enjoy all the healthy foods that provide your body nourishment. In simple words, it’s an everyday meal plan with low calorie in take with healthy foods. Anybody can do this diet and quickly loose weight.

Do you have a family wedding coming up in the next 3 months? The 1200 calorie diet is designed for you because you loose up to 20 pounds in 3 months.


In this diet,  you eat normal healthy food for 5 regular days and schedule 2 days where you eat 500-600 calories small meals. It’s like intermittent fasting. You can fast on Monday and Thursday and eat for the rest of the 5 days. This in no way means you eat high fats and high carb intake, because if your body goes in a low cal deficit in a week, is that when you will only lose weight.


My sister tried the Atkins diet which basically is a low-carb diet (like most diets), and you can eat fats and proteins but limit carbs which will aid weight loss and reduce the bad cholesterol in your body. It’s a safe way to lose weight, help build lean muscles and easy to do. But it’s not a quick fix, but if you can lose 2 pounds / week, then why not!


A high fat, medium protein and low carb diet is what exactly the Keto Diet is. It also depends on your weight and health issues to see how suitable this diet is for you personally. This diet is great for people who are over weight and you can loose up to 2-6 pounds per week. You can find meal plans online or get associated with a brand that curate diet plans for people who want to quickly loose weight.

At the end of the day, eating mindfully, staying hydrated, and planning ahead are your best secrets for weight lost to be successful.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not take our response as the final word and do consult a nutritionist who can better guide you with a forward.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.