With the ongoing situation and practicing social distancing, we’ve all sort of exhausted all possibilities of doing something productive. From flipping news channels to watching Netflix, to debuting on TikTok challenges to styling videos for the gram, I think it’s time that you moved on to the world of “PODCASTS”.

Now why should I listen to someone whispering words of all kinds (nothing offensive) that’ll put me to sleep? 

Well, I’d say that, don’t even think that way because we’re listening to these 5 podcasts from around the world and they are better than lazing around breaking your backs in these trying times. You could totally learn something new!


This podcast has so much to offer in terms of knowledge on crazy theories and super odd questions and ideas that it just blows your mind. And there’s always a reference to to something significant and present. So basically Josh and Chuck will always have you covered on everything that maybe you didn’t even want to know even if you aren’t a curious person. Imagine laughing out loud on something that you don’t even know about? SYSK is that fun.


Once you start listening to these guys you’ll realise how passionate and stoked they are about movies, and their reviews are so full of animation and vocal acrobatics. I personally think that DOM has the best movie reviews and they save you from descending in hell with their wise words of wisdom in their movie reviews.


Junaid Akram knows how to entangle you know in a conversation and it could just be about anything that’s relevant, with each podcast having a character of it’s own. So whether it’s a celebrity, or a go-getter, his podcast with Moroo, the downside of social media, or simple as the science behind shopping are some great example of why Junaid Akram is the best at what he does.


This guy has a certain kind of calm, excitement and sense of stability with every word he says in his podcast On Purpose if you’re meaning to look for a way in your life. It sort of changes your whole outlook on life and if that isn’t remarkable, then I don’t know what is. Jay Shetty’s podcast is full of wisdom, action, revelation and insight that you’d be teary-eyed in the end.


This podcast is simply begs one question, how can you be happy in your life and it very much serves that by Dr. Robert Puff. A lot of practical advice on simple and meaningful actions, how to recondition your mind and detach yourself from triggers that suppress the truest feeling of being happy, the Happiness podcast is can transform anyone if you focus on it.

All these podcasts are available on Apple ITunes, some on YouTube and others online.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.