The fashion industry has grown and the competition has multiplied. And to stay on top of their game for these gregarious lawn-wars to spew out, there is a strategy spelled behind these beautiful lawn shoots and the gorgeous locations that they are shot in. So, for their Spring Summer 2018 collection, a few of the top Pakistani lawn brands went all out in their newest campaigns by shooting in locations that not only emulated in their collections, but they also have carved a niche for themselves as the ultimate power brand and we’re just blown away.


Titled “Brazilian Summer”, has been shot in the Afro-Brazilian culture and the tropical coastline of Salvador in Brazil. And just like the colours and the Latin American vibes of Salvador, Elan’s SS18’ will also exude the history and shades of this city in all its musical essence, rich folklore and glory.  The teaser has got us kicking and we can’t wait to grab our favourite Elan “jora” of the season.


“Sayuri” is of Japanese origin, meaning; SA (small) and YURI (Lilly) and as the name suggests, FTA’s SS18’ lawn is going to be utterly feminine as it will encapsulate exotic Japanese locations and the cultural heritage Japan. We’re predicting a lot of floral prints and maybe, a tinge of powder pink.


For their spring summer collection 2018, Sana Safinaz shot at the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya with their entourage amidst the chaos and beauty of wildlife. Considering the location, we think Sana Safinaz spring summer collection is going to bring the spirit of the safari park to life in their collection this season.


The Dutch Galle Fort on the bay of the coast of Sri Lanka is a world heritage site and illustrates South Asian tradition and historical European architecture. Saira Rizwan’s spring summer lawn 2018 by Ittehad has been extensively shot in the bay of Galle and will perhaps emanate architecture, beaches and vibrant colours in their collection.


MIRA (watch) and MAR (sea) is of Spanish/Portuguese origin with scenery that is awe-inspiring for its scenery and soul that the city inherits. Rungrez’s “Miramar” also embodies the very charm of Mexico’s Miramar, the utter flamboyancy and florals for the modern day women.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.