Since yesterday, we have been noticing a rather strange trend on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, namely all celebrities and influencers uploading pictures of stripes. (And looking stunning while doing so!)

Our favorite Mushk looked drop dead gorgeous amid all the stripes.

Imran Ashraf looked dashing with the stripes added to his picture.

The doll-faced Laraib looked really beautiful.

As our curiosity intensified, we scrolled down to see more pictures with stripes, all of which looked amazing. Was this a new filter or were our stars up to something new?

Sabeena Syed rocked the color red.

Loved Waliya’s look a lot, total fan girl moment!

There were even more influencers following the same trend such as Hunaina, Aqsa, Rida and Rehab all of whom had stripes on their photos… yet the question remained: what was the story behind these stripes?

Not even news channels were spared! Many were caught by surprise when the same red stripes appeared on our screens simply out of nowhere. Once again, I went on to social media to try and find answers. But alas!

The only consolation was that many others, like us, were just as clueless about this new trend as we were.

After much searching, one comment gave us a bit of an insight into the whole scenario. We found that everyone uploading such photos were also using the hashtag #HameshaWalaPyar.

However, we could not go any further even after spending a considerable amount of time sigh Still wondering whether it is a new trend or a new campaign by a leading brand.

Has anyone seen these pictures with stripes being uploaded by celebrities and influencers lately? Or seen them on TV? If anybody has any idea what this is about, please let us know in the comments below, since the curiosity in us still hasn’t been sated!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.