Who doesn’t love being at home in their own personal space that’s comfortable and gives them the freedom to relax and unwind from the struggles that come with their profession, relationships, and life in general. At Celeste Home Fashion you can discover your own personal style and design your personal zone with a wide range of bedroom sets that will appeal to your taste and mood. So whether you have an inclination towards classic to modern or minimalistic pieces, Celeste Home Fashion offers you the privilege to play with a customized personal experience that is every bit of a trend that lets you choose!

With whopping six stores nationwide, Celeste Home Fashion has welcomed positive customer feedback for their quality, customization and customer service, and the credit is due to the team behind it. They are not only visionaries, but industrious and committed young individuals who believe in the rule of creating a balance, deem team work and empowerment. Thus the idea behind having a gregarious team at Celeste Home Fashion is to promote the brand as the ultimate experience rather than just a home store. We live in an ever-changing world where trends are evolving, therefore to keep the customer excited and engaged.

Ever wonder why  you should choose Celeste Home Fashion as your first pick? Celeste Home Fashion is a one-stop solution for bedrooms. They create and design an experience within the store that leaves nothing to the imagination of the customer. You take the style with you. And what’s worth is that, in seven days time you get your bedroom – ordered, customized and delivered at your door step. Moreover, no other brand offers such swiftness at work, and this sets Celeste Home Fashion apart from other home stores in Pakistan.

However, having said that, whether it’s the restaurant business, or the hospitality industry, no field can survive without a great customer service plan. At Celeste Home Fashion they have an incessant training plan for their in-store employees. The customer service and experience can never be maintained unless there is a continuous effort put in, and the plan is improvised as it’s based on the customer’s and employee feedback. So, there is no set rule, the services keep changing and adapt to the developing customer pool and there requirements.

It is well known that the Pakistani home store market is growing in leaps and bounds. People are very up to date with international trends and market drifts as well as latest fashion tendencies. And with this, you need not wait for trendy, fashionable, experimental items with spotless customer service and an memorable customer experience. That is exactly what you should expect when you enter Celeste Home Fashion stores and be sure to leave with a feel-good experience at all times.


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.