SS: How did you end up in PR? 
NJ: By default, our son Omar Jamil returned to Pakistan & set up Latitude PR. He asked me to Team up with him and the rest is history – lovely, fun history.

SS: Describe yourself in three words
NJ: Honest, practical and hardworking

SS: How has social media affected PR?
NJ: Social Media has transformed the traditional ways of creating a message & diversifying the platforms of communication. Digital media allows transporting a message on multiple platforms in real time. We no longer have to wait. Also, the possibility of amplification is unimaginable. The only thing restricting one, is ones own imagination. Sky is the limit.

SS: What are the challenges you face as being a successful woman in PR and how do you push yourself through tough times?
NJ: I don’t believe being a woman in any field is a handicap! And PR is no different.  I have a far more comfortable job in the business than Omar Jamil. As CEO he has to look after client servicing & business efficiency, finances etc. My work as COO is much easier in many ways. I try & maintain a lean & competent business.  However, I do feel that our schools & colleges must instill a sense of pride & dedication to work practices which I find lacking in youngsters today. I find having worked for many years in the Pakistan media earlier on, is a huge advantage. I have wonderful connections pretty much everywhere. That kind of good will, money can’t buy.But generally, I think women are better at coping with stress & problems.

SS: Do you consider yourself successful? 
NJ: Yes, I have survived work surrounded  by very young people. So the competition is tough. But, its been really invigorating. I have had to keep up with them. Surely that is success.

SS: How do you achieve work/life balance?
NJ: I have no balance. I wish I had some.

SS: What’s your super power and why?
NJ: My energy & stamina and the knowledge that I have JJ waiting at home! He’s always there.

SS: What are your favourite social media platforms and why?
NJ: Only Twitter & FB. The possibilities are endless. And LinkedIn too. So many people have connected with me. It’s pretty awesome.

SS: Any suggestions for women who want to get into PR?
NJ: Please do not consider being a woman  a handicap in any way. I think women have an advantage because they’re better at multi tasking.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.