women's self defense : pepper spray

If you are a female living in Pakistan chances are you already have run a search on google for finding weapons for womne’s self defense or learning self-defense techniques. The exacerbating toll of crime against women and overt victim-blaming has left a lot women feeling scared every time they step out of the house. Therefore women’s self defense has become a top priority at the moment.

Moreover, coming across how blatantly social media has put everything out there and outright fearful expressions from many worried about their own and loved one’s safety, women’s self defense weapons have been the most “searched” online. So, we made a list of weapons that women who travel for work or just step out of their homes, can carry in their bag.

However, before we dive in to the items that you can easily carry in your bag, here are some real time instructions that you must adhere too if you find yourself heading towards an alarming situation.

  1. You keep a vigilant eye on your surroundings and stay alert, take calculative steps like avoid taking an elevator alone
  2. Presence of mind is very important, be smart but don’t be paranoid
  3. If you see anyone trying to come usually closer shout and attract attention
  4. Avoid parking your car in dark and isolated areas
  5.  Use busy roads instead of stranded streets
  6. Change your route and timings occasionally if possible
  7. Practice basic self-defense techniques frequently and be a pro at it
  8. Keep the SOS option active on your phone
  9. Keep one or more of the following self-defense tools


A taser is a handheld electric shock giving-device that is used for self-defense. It can be used to incapacitate the attacker temporarily giving yourself enough time to seek help or run away from the site. You can but it online from daraz.pk and other reliable sources (if you know of).

women's self defense: pocket knife


A pocket knife is another handy weapon for self-defense. These come in various shapes and designs. Make sure the one you choose is pretty sharp and unfolds quickly. A firm grasp and forceful attack will spare you some time to escape and be safe. Besides being sold online at various websites these are also available at local markets also all across Pakistan.

Tactical gear Pakistan Whatsapp 0314222-333-4
Address: U2 147 Millenium Mall Karachi


One of the most popular and widely used tools for self-defense is pepper spray. It is popular for its convenient use and immediate serious effect. Luckily it is far easier to get this now in Pakistan as well. There are many local manufacturers, Facebook groups, and sellers that are producing this product. A few of these are mentioned below:

  1. Daraz.pk
  2. Shopusa 
  3. Standup Pakistan

women's self defense: safety pins


Perhaps the simplest of all safety defense tools is the good old safety pins. You can use these to aim at sensitive areas (eyes, nose, throat, groin, solar plexus) of the attacker and get away from the situation using the time you get. Stash a handful of safety pins in your bag and keep attach one or two to your shirt as well.


In case you have nothing at hand keep a bottle of deodorant handy. It can have a somewhat similar effect when used from proximity. Aim at eyes and be sure to hit the target on the first attempt. Keeping the distance between you and the attacker in mind is crucial here as it is useless to spray it from distance.

Given the current situation when safety has spiraled out of the hands of the state self-defense must be taught as a part of the curriculum. We need to inculcate it in our children from a young age. We wish you all stay safe and sound everywhere.

Written by Sehrish Rameez
Sehrish is a Pharmacist who writes about health, lifestyle and everything in between and around. Her contributions are a part of several noticeable digital forums. E: sehrish.sherry@gmail.com