It happens to everyone, believe me, it’s inevitable but it can be prevented – writer’s block!

Writer’s Block is that excruciating moment in every writer’s life where you have don’t have a single creative bone left in you, when your words turn into mushy goo and you literally want to throw up! (sorry, but we say it with experience) because writing is already hard enough as it is and when you have to force yourself to find the right words to put on paper and all they want is play hide and seek, is the worst feeling ever. So the struggle is very much real, you’re agitated, screaming inside to let it go, but one hour later, your mind’s like a blank a slate.

Anyway, in my experience, I often get writer’s block when I’m writing too much without giving myself a break, or at times when I am aiming for the perfect write up. However I do remember fretting the feeling of even jotting down my thoughts because I was afraid of criticism and didn’t know how I’d take it as. BUT, I’ve been writing for years now and I know that there is a solution to crushing this enemy and I’ll personally tell you how!


So here are 5 ways through which I prevent/get over writer’s block.

I doll up and go out: Yes, I change into something nice, wear some makeup and hit the road, often alone and listen to music or catch up with someone. It helps, it always does because I am able to get my mind off of everything else and shift my focus towards the change of my surroundings. The more I talk to someone else, the more I am able to expand and exercise my brain cells and feel rejuvenated.

I stop writing when I cant: It’s always better to stop there and then if you can’t write because you know you’re not going to get anything done. So why are pushing yourself to create something that is not going to give you the end result?

I’m not going to win a Pulitzer: Seriously, I’m trying to make lives better out there, I’m not in the race earn a Pulitzer, I don’t want to write the perfect prose, because I have information and I want to get the  message across. That is it!

I seek inspiration from others: I browse and catch up on reading other peoples work, it helps. I don’t necessarily copy them, but I see how they write so it get’s my thoughts and flow rolling.

I sleep: Shut your mind, block your thoughts, don’t think and abandon every feeling that you have and slip into sweet oblivion. You’ll wake up fresh.

I bully it back: Yes, you stand up to it, you don’t let it push and pull you, and tear you down.

This is how I defeat writer’s block and after this, so shall you!

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.