When we talk about eating healthy in Ramzan, we don’t mean bland and boring food or recipes that will make this beautiful month a dull experience for you, and especially one that’s low on your energy over all. Having a balanced Sehri and Iftari is extremely important as it’s the meal that replenishes you and helps you sustain your fast the very next day. So, we must place extra efforts into consuming the right foods to get the desired nutrients our body needs, which we often forget.

The holy month of Ramzan is an opportunity to cultivate good eating habits that will stay with you even after it ends. So, we went to Al Fatah Generation Store on Mehmood Kasuri Road in Gulberg for a healthy shopping spree, in an effort to replace the usual food items that we have in Ramzan, with healthy alternatives that will not only taste good, but will also pave way for you to eat clean and stay fit.

So, come along and check out what we will be eating this Ramzan, and how you can lean towards a healthy lifestyle.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.