With summer season heavily upon us, it’s raining lawn everywhere. Lawn is one of the most desirable summer staple for women.  It seems that everybody in the fashion fraternity has started churning out lawn to cater to the ever increasing demands of the masses. However, one brand  Gul Ahmed which is considered to be amongst the pioneers of fashionable clothing is trendy and most importantly easy on the pocket. The fantastic bit is, they have launched two new collections, the unstitched lawn volume 2 and the YOLO collection which are waiting in stores as we speak.

The “YOLO” collection has our attention. True to its name YOLO (You only Live once) is a fun and vibrant range that is burst of fresh colors, funky prints and hip, young vibe. The clothes are hassle free meaning there are no add ons (embroidery patches) which can make getting clothes stitched an expensive proposition. But if funky, vibrant hassle free wasn’t enough, YOLO makes sure the biggest summer woe, which is carrying a deodorant around is also taken care of, hence the scented fabric. Introducing, refreshing lemon, zesty orange to balmy mixed fruits & creamy vanilla. The prints are a fun mix of digital, retro and fruity patterns with fun color palette to help you stand out wherever you go.  So now don’t just look and choose what matches your style, take a whiff off the clothes because you really only do live once!


If you think you aren’t the YOLO type of person, Gul Ahmed has also come up with their unstitched lawn volume II. While their collection is always pleasing to the eyes, volume II is set to bring out the diva in you. Experimenting with the pastel hues and the all time favorite monochrome, the latest collection is fun and diverse. And if scented fabric wasn’t a scoop enough, the pieces in volume II are aloe vera finished. This means the fabric will keep you refreshed throughout the day and ward off the scorching heat. Chevrons, scenic collages with a hint of florals make this sequel collection all the more attractive and you might be in for some serious shopping spree! Buckle up!