” A little bit of makeup, lots of clothes AND shoes! Is there anything else that I need?”, questions the bride.

“Woh kyun saara saman room keh liye lay kar aye? Shaadi tou meri bhi hai na?”, exclaims the confused groom

“What about all of us?”, their families demanded.

The answer to all of this has been presented by SimSim in the form of their ongoing campaign i.e. Shaadi Mela, featuring top of the line products at astounding prices.

Here are five reasons that why you should download SimSim application TODAY and shop from the Shaadi Mela!

  • Avail SimSim Shaadi Mela Offers!

We understand that its hard to catch up on every brand’ s discounted offers. Therefore, SimSim provides a platform that is a one stop to shop all your favourite products from the most loved brands like, Habitt, Samsung, TCL, Orient, PEL , Nestlé & many more.

  • So MUCH to choose from!

What exactly are you looking for? Is it a TV or kitchenware? Want to order a gift? From televisions sets, beauty products to cutlery and so much more; SimSim Shaadi Mela covers it all! Why wait? Start shopping today!

  • SimSim is super convenient & easy to use!

You can now order your favorite products at the touch of a button. No need to get caught up with lengthy transaction processes or get shoved and pushed at malls! Choose your favorite products from the comfort of your home,  pay directly from your SimSim Wallet or use any Debit or Credit Card to purchase, saving yourself time and energy!

  • Multiple things that didnt even know you needed

They have UNLIMITED BUNDLES on jaw-dropping prices! So while searching for items that you need, you’ll probably come across some new favorites.

Wanted to buy makeup but forgot the bridal bed sets? Now you can easily shop!

5) Last but NOT the least, KILLER PRICES!

Is your favorite item available in the market? Is it too expensive for you? SimSim brings you     discounted deals allowing you to save up to over 50% off products. Moreover, SimSim is also offering products on easy monthly installments to users who receive their salaries in SimSim wallets.

So why the wait? Download SimSim now and shop away!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.