zameen ad

Pakistan’s top online property portal, is back yet again with another beautiful portrayal of family and togetherness, and the effort that goes into making a brick structure into a “home”. We’re subtly cued that it takes sacrifice, heart and courage into bringing everyone together; however in the struggle to maintain unity and hearth, we lose sight of our priorities, the essential element that holds a family together, children. Zameen’s new ad is endearing and heart-warming, and reminds us of our failings as humans and parents, and that sometimes children need our attention more than material things. Moreover, the essence of the ad, Home is Family, resonates with the audience and highlights the importance of family.

The TVC follows Fawad Khan, a hard working father, who is committed to climb the corporate ladder of success with his determination to be on the top. Amidst his long working hours, he neglects his family, more importantly, his son who wants to spend more time with him and yearns for him to be a part of his achievements. Sana Javed plays the quiet and compassionate wife who is there for both her child and her husband, but at the same time; she gently keeps reiterating to Fawad how their son is being neglected. Asif Raza Mir is your typical boss in an executive environment and wants the best from his team; therefore all the actors enact their roles to the T and strike a chord with all of us.

When Fawad is given a jolt while taking a visual journey through his son’s art, he is instantly reminded of what he is losing along the way in his strife to achieve more for his family, and is strained to come to terms with what is more important. We’re shown that the real test of time for a man is to maintain a healthy balance between his professional and personal life, and how he should be able to give time to those who are the existent source of real happiness and contentment.

The brand message at the end is on point as well, as reminds viewers that while they may be the pioneer who help people find the house of their dreams, in the end, it is up to the people to make a home out of that house.

You can watch the ad right here.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast