Zellbury has been setting a trend of making interesting commercials, not the usual affair you seem to expect from a fashion brand. Building off their Ready to Wear Volume 1 video, which if you haven’t seen yet you should definitely do so. Volume 1 was a story of city life unfiltered and raw, as close to real life as one lives it on the daily; without all the bells, whistles and ribbons that we have come to expect.

Volume 2, which has just been released, tells a tale of passion and perseverance. Showing off their new Ready to Wear Men’s collection, Zellbury has teamed up with Kashmir the Band acting as the protagonists to video, it narrates the story of their struggle finding their voice. Dealing with issues around balancing university life and perusing a career in passion, the trials and tribulations that go along with it.

Zellbury highlights the fact that persistence and passion can help achieve what you want most as long as you fuel that dream and keep understand that you have to keep a balance with all other things in life. Achieving true greatness comes from true balance.

The entire video is set to an original anthem sung by Kashmir “Asli Hai” their take, if the video doesn’t get to you the moving and inspirational lyrics surely will. The song is sung with zeal and real emotion. A capturing and moving song that encapsulates the sentiment perfectly.

Sporting Zellbury’s new ready to wear collection, a collection that keeps up with trends and features a variety of prints and solids to keep your fashion style upto mark this season, Kashmir look braced to take on any new challenges that may stand before them.

Check out the video here.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.