When it comes to packaging your makeup gear for a makeup trip, we want to focus on products that aren’t only easy to carry (thank god for those travel-sized bottles), but they also serve in a multitude of ways so we don’t end up using all our allowed space on that adored make up arsenal alone.

SO, here are 10 makeup products that you shouldn’t forget (if you’re in a hurry or not) to take a long on any trip.


Travel light even when it comes to makeup, the heavy coverage can make you feel that extra weight on your skin, so to avoid those bridal feels and just wishing that you had a tinted skin, carrying a BB cream is the wisest option. And now you have a variety of BB creams that add moisture and have SPF to protect you skin.


Hello? This product is considered every girls bestie to brighten up that face. So whether it’s those annoying bags or dark circles, ALWAYS carry a concealer with you.


You have a variety of lip and cheek stains that can be used to add a pop of colour on your cheeks and lips. Get a product that has a dual purpose. You’ll save some space in your makeup pouch also.


Fancy nights out are mandatory, so carry a medium to heavy coverage foundation to glam up you look. And since you’re not going to use it all the time, get one of those travel bottles. You wouldn’t need the whole thing.


This product is a life savour and you must not head out without it, like EVERRRRR! Well kept lashes not only accentuate the eyes but they also make you look alive.


The power of a red lipstick is fatal and it can instantly transform you look from plain Jane to sexy Sue. A must-carry product.


You have these read-to-go packs, so just pop a pack in your bag or your carry-on. Wipes come in very very handy.


Let this be your ride or die item because hydration is the key to a smooth and supple skin.


This magic product is super affordable and easy to carry. So if you’re  taking a long flight, wipe all that make up and hydrate your skin, when you have time on your trip at night, put on a sheet mask and give your skin some TLC.


You should always smell good, whether you’re on a trip or just at home.