Let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees, brownies have carbs and calories and you are not immune to the process of ageing, so it’s best that you take care of yourself right away.

Take a look at your favourite celebrities, no matter what they do and where they go, even in their most unflattering self, they look so refreshing, especially on long flights. Ever wonder if they’ve been sipping on a special herbal tea that you don’t know about or do they just pop a sleeping pill and wake up beautiful? Nah!

Relax! Besides getting soaked in a deeply hydrating skin mask, we asked your fav ladies some in-flight pampering and beauty tips to keep you busy on long flight so you can step out glowing!


When you’re a celebrity and traveling, that’s when you’re so stressed, busy and tired, so a good eye product comes in handy because it helps to those bags away and/or gives those puffs a good run.


Yes please! So you want to look like a star when you get on board, take a few selfies but once you’re done, it’s best you take off your makeup with some mild cleansing wipes before you’re in mid air and your skin feels like a rough patch in your life.


Promise that you’ll swear by this? Because you can never forget a lip balm before your lips start cracking and keep hydrated.


The eye drops are to keep any harshness, allergens and redness that could potentially irritate your eyes (which is why you can also keep a soft silky eye mask) before you get off the plane and a tooth brush will your breath fresh after the in-flight snacks, food and drinks.


Your skin can face a lot of dehydration due to lack of moisture in the air, so layer your skin with facial oil and let it soak in so that your skin can remain deeply hydrated and comforted.

So, that’s it. These are jus the basic tips and if you keep following these, chances are you are going to step out of the airport looking like a celebrity on the “glow”.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.