When it comes to makeup, acing the task of applying a perfectly arched eyeliner is every woman’s dream, but, sadly, it’s not exactly easy to manage.

That’s when the power of internet and YouTube beauty tutorials comes into play, and to make your makeup game a lot better and fun, we bring to you some of our favourite eyeliner tips from celebrity beauty bloggers.


Sazan suggests using colours other than the regular black and brown shades to make your brown eye colour pop. Here, she’s seen using a blue eyeliner on her lower lash line and the result is stunning.


For that perfectly arched winged liner, use a little piece of tape stuck to your lower lash line going up towards where your eyebrows end. This shall give you the perfect stencil to work your way through.


For that flawless smoked out liner look effect, Eldridge suggests using a dark toned eyeshadow with an angled brush instead of a regular eyeliner. This way, the effect looks less precise, but gorgeous nonetheless and provides that perfect sultry smokey eye effect.


The makeup mogul has a treasure of makeup tricks up her sleeve and today we bring to you our favourite of them all: using post-it notes for the precise, cat-eyeliner look. This eliminates the possibility of mistakes by a huge margin as you just follow the shape of the post-it note and create that perfect flick.


Girls, if there’s really everything that you’ve tried but practice seems not to make you perfect, then we suggest buying a cat-eyeliner stencil to get rid of your eyeliner woes. This let’s you choose from a variety of eyeliner shapes of forms, and basically all you’ve got to do is follow the shape of the stencil and voila! Perfect eyeliner look is achieved.