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The famous actor, Moammar Rana’s daughter, Rea chose to pursue her creative talent as a makeup and beauty influencer and has become quiet the talk of the town. Not only is Rea insanely pretty but she also supports positivity and beauty no matter how you look with scars, acne etc, in fact she gives tips on embracing them through makeup and that’s a great way to go. Interestingly, with each look, Rea supports an outfit, so you also get fashion advice as well. Apart from doing wedding, party and evening/regular looks, Rea does product reviews as well. Moreover, she also takes private make up courses in Lahore and Islamabad. Just so you know she has amazing sponsors who endorse her makeup classes and you have to literally fight for your spot if you want to learn a tip or two from her. So, check her out here reaxmakeup and become one of the 91.4K followers of Rea!

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.