Hello hello, summer vacations have finally rolled in, and so are the long planning sessions of WHERE TO GO THIS SUMMER??? By now you would also have seen a lot of memes about how it is planned and then canceled. Though, they might give you a good laugh, but in actuality, the whole idea can be very distressing when a plan gets canceled.

So, we’ve decided to save you from feeling disappointed on being unable to finalize your next vacay spot, and have short-listed our top 5 summer destination picks that are not only worth the shot, but will be very memorable.


Before venturing into the northern side of the country let us take you to Sindh. Yes, you read it right! Sindh has this amazing hill station at an elevation of 5689 feet. Snowfall can make it the coldest part of Sindh and therefore its a great place for a family trip and you can enjoy the magnificent views and breeze as you unwind. From Karachi to Gorakh Hill it is an eight hours drive.


This valley with dramatic scenery is 4km away from Gilgit. It houses three colorful lakes, mountain vistas, wildlife, and breathtaking views. You will need to travel via jeeps to reach here. This valley is truly regarded as the gem of Gilgit Baltistan area. Good places to stay near Naltar valley include Naltar Palace hotel and Naltar Hilltop hotel.


One of the summer destinations with heaviest tourist influx is Swat. Its pleasant weather, landscapes, lakes, and ancient architecture attracts visitors from across the world. It is located in KPK. There are several good residing options here such as Serena Hotel and Rock city Resort.


So truly labeled as Heaven on Earth Hunza is nature’s marvel. Located in Gilgit Baltistan Hunza has so much to offer. Imagine waking up to the view of Raka poshi, Pasu cones or snow-covered glaciers. We bet your days at Hunza will keep wanting you to go back and again. Its safe environment and friendly locals are an added benefit to enjoy. Here are a lot of good places to stay however Eagle’s Nest is our favorite so far.


One of the less explored places near Abbottabad is Thandiani. It is a beautiful destination with peace and pine trees all over. Well maintained huts by KPK government are present for those willing to stay. June and July is the most suitable time to visit this place.

Try out these destinations this summer and let us know how your experience was.