Gwadar is located in the western coast of Balochistan and is now getting traction for it’s scenic beauty, enthusiasm and the endless number of beaches. Kudos to the flourishing relationship the CPEC (Silk Route that connects to the Gwadar Port), Balochistan, over all is definitely making up for the lost time due to all the instability caused over the years.

Gwadar is like a hidden treasure with secrets that are beckoning to be told. There is so much to explore and learn from all the while you enjoy this beautiful side of Pakistan. The temperatures do soar post winters therefore the best time to visit Gwadar is in January or February.

While my 5 day trip was full of fun and adventures, so I’m sharing the top 6 places that I visited in Gwadar and why you should too.


The drive towards Kund Malir Beach is absolutely scenic, right out of a movie scene. Tourists and adventurous people come here to camp for the night and have fun on the beach because it’s clean and a little secluded. However since Kund Malir Beach is on the way towards Gwadar therefore don’t miss the chance to have a good time.

hingol national park


The Hingol National Park is one of the top destinations to visit in Gwadar and is one of the largest national parks that houses a breed of wild animals, birds and plantation. The Hingol National Park was build in 1988 and shares it’s border with yet another grand structure of the Sphinx and the Princess of Hope. Both these magnanimous structures are natural formations standing atop rocky cliffs and are now revered sights for tourists.


The Gwadar Port is a sight, livelihood and home to all the fisherman and is spread out to a vast view of the Arabian sea, connecting Pakistan to the Middle East and Central Asia, like a bridge paving way for Pakistan’s economy serving as a meeting point for our economy’s rise. Therefore tourists flock to see one of these iconic ports that holds so much significance.

gwadar port


Koh-e-Batil is a famous hill in Gwadar on the South side and gives you a stunning areal view of Gwadar and the Arabian Sea. It’s a 10km winding stone stair case to reach to the top of the hill and it’s absolutely worth it because the sight that greets you is mesmerizing. It’s definitely a flight you want to take.

gwadar mud volcano


Imagine a volcano that spits mud instead of lava. That’s what the Baba Chandrakup or mud volcano is a popular holy place by the Hindus and is an important stop for pilgrims on their way to the shrine of Shri Hinglaj Mata temple. The pilgrims offer prayers, meditate and ask for forgiveness for their sins and “according to the bubbling of the mud and the reaction of the wind, the chaṛīdār is able to tell if the pilgrim’s sins are forgiven.”


The Ormara Beach holds historical as well present significance. From being a pitstop to Alexander The Great and workings of The Pakistan Naval forces, the Ormara Beach gives you a beautiful view of the mountains at the back. So it’s like a meeting point between Gwadar and Karachi. It also has an other sight, the Hammer Head that protects the Ormara region. The name Ormara was given after one of Alexander’s generals death, Ormoz.


The Gwadar Cricket Stadium is the most breathtakingly beautiful playgrounds to see and the reason why it makes to my list is because its surrounded by so much natural beauty (mountains) so it blows you away. It definitely left me in awe.

If you’re traveling with kids, here are some tips.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.