Beauty doesn’t come cheap. It’s time-consuming and expensive, and if I’m taking out some down time to get pampered then I also have a few preferences that I would want to cross off my check list during my next visit to the salon/spa. Having problems with the staff are inevitable, there are small things that might sound petty, but they matter. And if I’m not satisfied as a client, I might as well find an alternative for that extra comfort. So here are 5 things that annoy us whenever we visit the spa or salon.


When we’re at a spa or salon, what breaks the serenity and peace of my mind is things falling, breaking or chairs being pushed on the floor during the session. Nothing is worse than having to hear unbearable sounds and noise during the hours we took out especially for a little personal down time.


Salon/Spa owners need to train their staff by telling them that we come to them to enjoy, relax and have a little quiet time out, so when we’re there, we’d rather talk about ourselves let alone listen to a chatty masseuse who simply can’t stop sharing deets about her personal life.


Another thing that bothers us is when we are criticised for the choices we’ve made in the past, for instance,
“when was the last time you got a facial or a mani pedi?” or “your skin is extremely dry, what have you done to yourself?” Sometimes these women preach to the point of displeasure and that’s exactly why we won’t be returning to your salon!


Not all spas are intrusive, but we don’t want to fill out a two-page form just to get a simple facial by revealing prying medical information (for your record) or tell you when it was the last time I got an allergic reaction. Have mercy on my dry feet. I just need a pedicure!


The staff plays an important role in setting the ambiance of the spa/ salon from their demeanor to the tone of their voice. So, they also need to be told how to accessories themselves during a client’s visit. Please omit the rings and bracelets when you’re massaging my face! The only sound I want to hear is of my calm nerves!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast