The idea behind Bonanza Satrangi was to make clothes for the everyday Pakistani woman who expresses herself through her clothes and the way she lives her life. There are strong, courageous women all around us who we can look up to when we don’t feel too confident about ourselves. These are women who inspire us to pursue our passions and to fulfill our dreams. This Women’s Day, Bonanza Satrangi, has done something different. They have highlighted the journeys of 5 amazing women, each of which is inspirational in their own ways.

Areeba Siddique

Areeba Siddique is so much more than just a blogger or an influencer. She is an artist, an illustrator, a writer and a poet, a student of life, and otherwise, among all the other hats she both literally and figuratively dons. She’s an artist who answers to a calling that only she can hear. Through her art and writing, Areeba aims towards breaking stereotypes and nullifying prejudices that have surrounded women for centuries. She does that while pursuing a formal education. At a young age, Areeba has managed to achieve incredible milestones for herself. She is our #IamSatrangi Woman.

Zenith Irfan

How many women can boast of being the country’s first female motorcyclist? Zenith Irfan can proudly do that because she dared to do something that many girls her age would have shied off and continue to do so to this day. Riding a bike has been associated with men ever since the first bike was made, which is why one of a thousand women would do something like that. Zenith’s story is an inspirational one. She became the first woman to ride a bike across Pakistan with the will and courage to do something unique and memorable for herself. Her story was exclusively covered by CNN. She is our #IamSatrangi Woman because she of her inexplicable will and courage to write a different story for herself.

Eman Khan   

Eman Khan lands a spot on this list because she has broken all the norms that are expected of a woman in our society. She is a kickboxer, fitness enthusiast, and an artist. Some choose to refer to her as a life coach because of how she conducts her life. She is fierce, strong, and incredibly motivated when she’s got her gloves on. She’s equally graceful, poised, and vivacious in her daily life. Don’t be fooled by her high-street attire and well-kept hair because she will take you out if she has to. Eman is our #IamSatrangi woman because she is empowered and wants to spread the message of empowerment around her.

Zarnak Sidhwa

Zarnak Sidwa is a name that needs no introduction. She graces our television screens every day and prepares the most delicious looking foods for us while dishing out tips to remember and solving our everyday problems, kitchen related and otherwise. When she’s not in the kitchen, she’s creating awareness about social causes and working with essential initiatives such as the Roshni School. She’s a celebrity chef, a pâtissière, host, but she’s also a mother, a homemaker who is devoted to her family. Zarnak is our #IamSatrangi woman because she does what she loves without compromising on the other aspects of her life.

Maliha Rehman

Maliha Rehman is a fashion journalist, a lifestyle writer, and a prominent name in print and digital media, among many other things. She has been in the business for several years and has managed to build a readership for herself. Her columns are read, talked about, and quoted by all her readers. She currently writes for Dawn and has written for the Business of Fashion among other respectable publications in the past. Maliha is our #IamSatrangi woman because she embodies the idea of a modern career woman who is still very Pakistani at heart.

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