7 Famous Coffee Places in Karachi

As soon as winter arrives, the demand for hot and pure coffee becomes the highlight of food markets. Families, as well as groups of friends, love to go out looking for a cozy coffee place. Although there are countless coffee spots in Karachi, some of these are worth mentioning due to their immense popularity and positive customer reviews. If your old coffee spot doesn’t feel like home anymore, and you are open to hunting for a new place, our list of 7 famous coffee places in Karachi can help you a great deal.

So, what really makes a coffee place good? The most common answer highlights two factors in deciding if a coffee place is good enough. These factors are a pure and tasteful variety of coffee and a cozy place to sit and relax.

7 Famous Coffee Places in K-Town

Let’s take a look at some of the famous coffee places in K-town that you should definitely give a try.

New York Coffee

7 Famous Coffee Places in Karachi

The New York Coffee shop is serving frothy and creamy hot coffee to the people of Karachi for many years now. This coffee place has received many positive remarks from customers ever since its start. Today, the popularity status of New York Coffee is on a rise. If you are looking for an interesting presentation of coffee cups, this place can surprise you.


Espresso Cafe

Opened in 2005, Espresso is on the list of most frequently visited coffee places in the town. Most coffee lovers like to rush to Espresso for fulfilling their coffee thirst. As the name speaks for itself, the coffee place is known for offering amazing coffee flavors on the whole menu. You can find almost all the variety of coffee options that you may be looking for.

Butler’s Chocolate Cafe

Butler’s Cafe is another prominent name among the famous coffee and dessert places in K-town. This cafe is greatly preferred for cold coffee lovers. If you have a thing for cold coffee, Butler’s is the place that can impress you. What makes the experience special is the choice of Butler’s signature chocolate that adds too much pleasure to the taste.

Gloria Jeans

Who isn’t familiar with Gloria Jeans? this coffee chain is successfully serving the people of Pakistan for many years now. Gloria Jeans is greatly famous among business communities, working women, university students, and families equally. You can enjoy the best taste and froth while having your cup of coffee. What makes Gloria even more special is the arrangement for outdoor as well as indoor sitting.



FLOC or For the Love of Coffee is another worth mentioning name in the list of 7 famous coffee places in K-town. For those who like to keep it low key and spend time of their own, this place can be a great stop. You can enjoy the special coffee flavors while spending a time of your choice. Apart from coffee lovers, readers can also find this place interesting because of the mini bookshelf decor inside the shop.


7 Famous Coffee Places

Cinnabon is widely known for its diverse and tasteful menu. Although primarily known for cinnamon rolls, this place also offers a variety of quality beverages. If you want to have a hot or cold cup of coffee with a side snack of cinnamon rolls, you can now enjoy this combo by visiting Cinnabon. What makes it stand apart is the handcrafted espresso that is widely popular around the city.


Easy Cafe

This cozy spot is located on Khyaban-e-Shahbaz, Lane 4. Easy is famous for delicious donuts and desserts in the area. Apart from the sweet cravings, you can enjoy a worth remembering coffee experience at Easy. The aroma and froth of the coffee will simply make you fall in love with the place. If you haven’t heard of this place yet, do pay a visit anytime soon!

Here are the 7 famous coffee places in Karachi that can be your coffee fix. If you want to explore coffee places in the city, these places can help you make a great start. While these places may land onto your expectations, feel free to enlighten us with any other coffee places in K-town that we missed.

You are more than welcome to share your experience at any of the above coffee places in the comments section below.