SiddySays collaborated with Ali Teiseen to come with a whole series on everything you need to know about coloring you hair. Hair color is tricky business and requires technical expertise. Who better to ask than the dynamic duo, Ali & Teiseen!

Ali Teiseen was established in Pakistan during the 80s. This is when both Ali and Teiseen graduated from Vidal Sassoon to open their flagship hair salon in Lahore. This was a time when the foundations of fashion and hair industry were being laid in Pakistan. A sheer combination of professionalism, knowledge and creativity has always kept their brand among the leading ones in the field. They have been known for their exclusivity and maintaining high standards of quality in their work.

In our collaborative video, the duo talk to us in detail about all you need to know before you color your hair. It is a big commitment and requires multiple consultations and post-treatment care. Which is why you don’t just pick a random color and/or brand. There is an entire logic behind it. Today Ali and Teiseen decode this mystery for us and reveal everything you need to know about hair color and how to pick the right one!

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.