Getting your hair colored is a big decision that comes with its fair share of commitments. We have all been in that boat where we have experimented with our hair tones at some point or another. However, have you ever really spent a good amount of time trying to maintain it? It is an art learning how to take care of color treated hair.  You must consider the timing, the tones, the application and the zones where you are applying the color. If done right, not only does your hair look fabulous, it also allows your hair to remain healthy and prevent damage. 

Ali Teiseen was established in Pakistan during the 80s. This is when both Ali and Teiseen graduated from Vidal Sassoon to open their flagship hair salon in Lahore. This was a time when the foundations of fashion and hair industry were being laid in Pakistan. A sheer combination of professionalism, knowledge and creativity has always kept their brand among the leading ones in the field. They have been known for their exclusivity and maintaining high standards of quality in their work.

In this video, Ali & Teiseen give us the low-down on all things you must consider if you have color treated hair. They reveal all the tips and tricks that no hair stylist will ever reveal. 

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.