beauty apps
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Being the year 2018, we can celebrate the era of technology without holding back. You know what that means, right? It means that for all the beauty lovers, there are some glorious options via technology. People from the tech industry have finally started working on some out of the box ideas for beauty lovers i.e. beauty apps. 

Today, you’re just a click away from getting a dream blow-out, or confirming an appointment with that coveted makeup artist, to watching makeup tutorials that transform you into a full-blown glamazon. So, if our interests above match yours, then read ahead to find out our list of the best beauty apps:


BeautylishThis master app is a beauty lover’s dream come true. From updates about latest beauty trends followed by top gurus in the industry to getting you the inside scoop on how to achieve that perfect J-Lo skin glow, or,  Blake Lively’s ultimate wavy hair look, it gives you all that. Additionally, the app allows you to shop for your favourite beauty and makeup products from the same platform.

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